As writer, director, producer, cinematographer, picture & sound editor, etc:

Go Ahead Turn
(feature documentary in Postproduction, HD)

The Edifice
(2011, fiction, 35mm, 29:40 min)

(2010, creative documentary, HD, 14:00 min)

Soup Time
(2008, fiction, 35mm, 3:00 min)

(2007, creative documentary, DV, 11:30 min)

Ganesh Chaturthi
(2004, documentary, DV, 18:30 min)

Study In Self Image
(2003, fiction, DV, 2:50 min)

The Land Of Serendip
(1994, fiction-documentary, 16mm, 45:00 min)

(1984, fiction, 16mm, 7:00 min)

Co-authored with visual artist Michael A. Robinson:

Speed Giants, Flic-Flacs and Fly-Aways
(2006, art video, DV, 3:45 min)

Ouvre la fenêtre
(2006, art video, DV, 2:20 min)

No Life At All in The House of Dolls
(2005, art video, DV, 3:20 min)

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